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What You Should Know About The Piqua Shawnee History and Cultural Identity

The Piqua Shawnee people principally reside in Alabama and are part of the larger group of Indian American tribes given recognition by the US government. They are one of the six tribes that forms the larger Shawnee tribe. The Shawnee tribe has occupied the American Northeast for centuries. Native Americans such as the Cherokee and the Shawnee people have lived in regions like Maryland, Ohio, Kentucky,Indianan and Pennsylvania. The rest of this article highlights the history and the culture Shawnee Tribe.

Historical account of the Shawnee tribe

Prior to the European settlers setting foot in America, chiefs were the rulers of the Northeast part of America. Tribes with the largest number of warriors controlled vast areas. The Shawnee people in this case traveled from one spot to the other so as to stay away from confrontations with other neighboring Native American Tribes. The Shawnee people life turned to worse when European settlers came to America. The Shawnee people's land was taken away by force because the white settlers had sophisticated weapons.
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Though, the tribe did not give up their rights without a fight, they engaged Europeans in wars that lasted many years. Their numbers were greatly decimated because of the war and the diseases introduced by the European. The Shawnees were finally settled by the Europeans in the present day Oklahoma on a land reserve. However, a huge number of Shawnees remained in the areas stated above. There are very many accounts showing how a number Shawnee tribe members went to far flung areas such as New York just to avoid conflict from both colonialist and warring American Indian tribes.
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Tribe Numbers before European touched down

If you check population figures, then you'll discover that the Shawnee tribe was expanding in terms of population. Census info reveals that Shawnee people averaged more than 10,000 people, however, the figure was reduced to 3500 because of fighting the white settlers. Presently, there are over 15,000 people who claim to belong to the Shawnee tribe in the US.

They are fundamentally English Speakers

The English language is spoken by almost every Shawnee tribe member and this is attributed to the number of years they have co-existed with the Europeans. The Shawnee language is only known by a few elderly people. Based on a number of studies undertaken, there is big possibility that the Shawnee language will cease to exist.

Shawnee People homes

As result of being nomads, the Shawnee people made houses in simplistic way. Thick grass, hides, and tree barks are some of the materials employed to make Shawnee homes. In additional, their structures were domed-shaped and visually appealing.
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